Dave Preston

Having a passion to help people improve their English.

It all started during school exchange programmes. I helped my French and German school exchange partners get it right but could never explain why. My favourite line became “it’s the way it is”. Nonetheless, it was great to see their English IMPROVE and I had a part in that. The passion was born!Moving forward some years (10) I decided to make a career out of it and learn the art of English teaching. What things have I learnt in my 20 year career? People often don’t have the time (to learn) and it’s all about culture.

Understanding culture can make or break a (business) relationship‚ ignorance of intercultural awareness, even at the highest levels have caused many memorable disasters e.g. the marriage and divorce of Daimler/Chrysler.

In late November 2015, I wrote my first ‘Teatime Titbits’ blog post with the aim of giving (busy) people a daily ‘input (Titbit)’ of English content, which they can read during a break at work – hence Teatime (break time). I always try to give insights into the Anglo-Saxon culture to ‘encourage‘ an understanding of what makes us tick. – thus avoiding cultural any ‘faux-pas’.

I am married to Alma. I have a son Matthew and live in the beautiful bicycle town of Münster. I’m a massive Liverpool FC fan and love playing footy with my son, travelling, and eating Indian food.