Book of the week.

12 Week Year

Imagine you had 4 years of 12 weeks in one (normal calendar) year. You set targets which will push you. A month (in normal year) becomes a week, a week (in normal year) becomes a day and the mad rush to reach the goal happens 4 times a year – everything is more compact, intensive, the finishing line more within sight, do you think you could overall actually achieve more? At the end of every year, there’s a week (13 if you like) to reflect, score and regroup. To celebrate and take a break before the next year. Highly recommended– maybe this will make you even more productive, accountable, and allow you to achieve your (old annual) goals and targets quicker and allow you to set yet higher goals.

You can’t hurt me

‘Can’t hurt me’ by David Goggins is one badass book, which will shock, astound and inspire you to take life to the next level. This isn’t written by some life coach guru, instead by a hard as nails, former Navy Seal (US special forces), ultra athlete, whose middle names are ’pain’ and ‘duty’. Be ready for countless pain enduring, duty driven stories with zillions of f-bombs and other curse words. The perfect early morning read or listen on the elliptical trainer to jack you up and give you the edge. Get Goggins, get motivated! 

badass (krass), to astound sb (jdn erstaunen), hard as nails (stahlhart), former (Ex – ), ‘duty’ (Pflicht), countless (unzählig), pain enduring (Schmerz-ertragend), zillion (zigtausend), f-bomb (F-Wort), curse word (Schimpwort), elliptical trainer (CrossTrainer), to jack sb up (jdn motivieren), to give sb the edge (hier: den Vorteil/Vorsprung geben).

How to talk to anyone.

92 little tricks for big success in relationships by Leil Lowndes.  Master the art of small talk, add some tricks to your tool kit and understand how the tricks work in an easy-to-read, enjoyable book.

Elon Musk

His motivation is saving mankind by reducing our addiction to carbon fuels by constantly pushing the envelope in the fields of solar (panel) technology, the electric car and looking for a home in space for the human race and he’s still only 47.

Make Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance your choice book of the week and marvel at Elon Musk – 100 years from now, he’ll be the modern day Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller and the like pioneers who moved humanity forward. Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance 

addiction (Abhängigkeit), to push the envelope (über die Grenzen hinausgehen), to marvel at sth/sb (bestaunen)

If only they didn’t speak English

Today’s America seems to be becoming more and more unrecognisable to the rest of the world day by day. In this very well-researched and written book, the BBC reporter for the US Jon Sopel, delves into (etw erforschen) the modern day American psyche.

English Grammar in Use.

Aka Murphy’s grammar book after the author Raymond Murphy. Cambridge University Press. The English Trainers/students bible available at different levels from beginners to advanced. The grammar aspect is presented on the left hand page (English only!!!) and exercises on the right hand page with ‘answers page’ at the end. Ideal for self-study. Price: €31,20 This link is for the latest book with interactive ebook for intermediate:

English Vocabulary in Use.

Cambridge University Press. Similar to Murphy’s, the vocab. is divided into ‘topics’ and presented on the left hand page (English only!!!) and exercises on the right hand page with ‘answers page’ at the end. Ideal for self-study. Price: € 23.50 This link is for the Pre & Intermediate level.

English for Meetings.

If you want to focus on a special skill in English (ranging from emails to telephoning) or a particular business sector (from accounting to telecommunications industry) these “Short course series ‘English for ….’ by Cornelsen should do the trick. The following link is for the ‘English for Meetings CEF levels B1/B2 book. Price € 23,75:

Language Activator

– the world’s first production dictionary by Longman. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but ideal, especially for the more advanced learner, who would like a practical reference book. Price € 39,16:

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