Making the right decision.

Finding the right business English training provider for your company is indeed very difficult. Sifting through all the providers, whether local or (inter)national, big name or no name, you put your neck on the line when you make the final decision.

Communication is key.

That’s why thorough communication between the potential provider and you is key to deciding if you have the correct fit. At Preston Coaching, I invest a lot of time and effort to make sure you are confident and happy with your choice. What’s more, through continual communication, I do my utmost to make sure participant satisfaction is as high as possible and serve you to the best of my ability.

Quality, not quantity.

As a small coaching company, everything is personal, flexible and tailored precisely to meet your needs. This means capacity is unfortunately limited.

Small groups / executive / seminars.

What kind of training do you need? Small groups should be just that with a maximum of 6 participants per group to ensure as much speaking time as possible.  Executive is 1 on 1 coaching, short-term to train for an important presentation or longer-term to take his/her English to the next level. Seminars focus on specific skills your people need to work internationally. 

Here is a short video, which gives you insight into who I am and how I work.

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