The Pitch

Passionate, Engaging, and Impactful presentations are powerful.

Master the art of powerful presentations with our „Powerful Presentations Training“.

The Challenge

Presenting in your native language is challenging. Presenting in English is twice as challenging. 
You’re nervous (anyway). 
You’re trying your best to get the English right. 
You’re afraid of making mistakes.

The Training

In the 2 day seminar, we help you reduce nerves, inhibitions, and the fear (of making mistakes) by providing a safe & friendly environment to try out new techniques, train and tweak your presentations.

The Core (Topics)

We examine & practice the key aspects of a successful start, an engaging main part, and a ‘firey’ finish to give the audience something to remember!

The Extras

We build your training to reflect your needs and wishes and have the flexibility to ‚adjust‘ even during the seminar.

The Overview

Feel free to download a „Typical“ Powerful Presentations 2-Day Seminar PDF.


The Method

Practice, practice, practice! We offer interactive input, performance (filmed!), feedback (peer & trainer), rinse, and repeat. 

The Result

More Passionate, Engaging, Impactful presentations. 
Improved Execution, Performance, and Confidence.
Excited, Satisfied, Smiling people.  

The Call To Action

Whether newbie, „I’ve already done a few“ or experienced presenters, this training offers something for everyone.

Engage with US, plan your training with US, master the art of presenting with US.

The Happy ONES