Dear English Teachers

Welcome to the “Less hassle, more hustle” page. Save yourself time & hassle with ‘The Get’em Talking Game’ & ‘The 100 Blog Book’ resources.

The 100 Blog Book.

Download the 100 blog style texts PDF book with English / German vocab translations. In the PDF you’ll also have the Google Drive link to get access to the Word doc. Use the texts as is or curate to your heart’s content. €29.99

The Get’em Talking Game (Coming soon).

Get a hold of the downloadable ‘Get ‘em Talking Game’ with an A3 board game and pre-prepared cards to print out for your offline courses. Online, just copy the linked Padlets @ Once prepped, good forever! €14.99

The Video Course (Coming soon)

Have you ever seen the Germany vs USA vlogs on YouTube? Alex (a German guy) and Jim (an American) discuss similarities and differences between the two countries and cultures. Ideal for more advanced language classes! Lifelong updates for €19.99

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