English Like A Native

Have trouble-free telephone calls!

Give powerful presentations!

Engage in spectacular small talk!

Write Magnificent mails!

Learn to speak and write English like a native and copy & paste your way to success in English.

This 204 page ‘how to‘ toolkit PDF helps you manage your mails, tackle those tricky telephone calls, prepare your presentations, and skill you up in your small talk and includes:

Speak Like A Native: introduction

Speak Like A Native: On the phone

Speak Like A Native: In meetings

Speak Like A Native: In presentations

Write Emails Like A Native.

Great Grammar Section (86 pages) with links to YouTube grammar videos

Improve Your English Section – off/online resources including a 10 page introduction into learning with YouTube.

A 30 page ’copy and paste‘ Cheat Sheets Section (as separate Word document)

A 10 page ’copy and paste‘ Mini Mail Dictionary (Ger-Eng) (as separate Word document

Save time & Money

Avoid mistakes & misunderstandings

Learn & improve as you go.

Get ELAN today for just €14.99.


What customers say about the English Like A Native:

“It has become my companion in the office. I use it practically every day.” Thomas P.

“I am already enjoying your book and will use it in my business English courses.” Jutta T

“There are a lot of textbooks on the market that promise to turn you into a business English expert and prepare you perfectly for your communication in English at work. Yes, some of them are quite interesting and provide useful advice. But actually, their content is far away from being used immediately – quite contrary to Dave’s WET.” Jennifer B

Here you find everything you need to deal with your daily working life at first hand. No beating around the bush, instead WET shows you how to cope with different ways of communication and also differentiates between hierarchy levels. WET is easy to work through, you find what you need in a second which is especially perfect for cases of emergency like an unexpected phone call from abroad. All topics and situations from easy to challenging are covered and the book provides a perfect mix of copy/paste sections, tutorials, and tricks as well as entertaining parts. You do not have to go through long text passages to find the one sentence you were looking for. A clear and simple layout was chosen instead and thus this is a tool you will love to come back to and it will not – like most of the other books – end up as dust catcher in your shelf. What I also like is the fact that it is written in English and German occurs only where necessary and useful. This should not be worth mentioning, actually, but there are other authors that want to teach us English while using German most of the time. So, Dave Preston’s way makes perfect sense and is what I prefer.

I can recommend this book unconditionally to both beginners and advanced learners and I am sure, even native speakers will find some good tips and inspiration – it will make your life so much easier and business English will definitely become your friend if it has not already been.

The book’s name is programme: it is a toolkit with focus on the readers’ needs. You can feel the heart, experience and knowledge Dave Preston put into it and besides learning something it is also fun to read; education and entertainment in perfect combination.

So, thanks to WET there will not be any sleepless nights prior to a scheduled meeting with English clients anymore. Instead you will look forward to applying your newly acquired skills and impressing your audience with self-confidence while talking English.




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