Handy English 1

VOCAB, VOCAB, VOCAB, the REAL way to improve your English.

Shouldn’t we spend hours and hours studying boring vocabulary lists to grow our vocabulary? You could!

Or you could also get the Handy English PDF book and enjoy the vocabulary learning process. You see, this is a different type of vocabulary book. It story tells, puts life into the words and maybe even a smile on your face at times.

Handy English covers topics ranging from ‘learning English‘ & ‘world of work‘, ‘people‘ to ‘politics‘ & ‘world of words‘ to ‘world of weird-sounding words‘ to name but a few and is a compilation of previously published Teatime Titbit posts.

As book one in the Handy English series of ‘lifelong learning for less than a cuppa tea‘ collection of PDF books, Handy English, lets you grow your vocabulary anytime and anywhere, during work, your commute, waiting in a queue or even walking down the street.

Take advantage of modern technology, download this PDF, to have Handy English with you wherever you go. Go for it!!!!

to range from ….. to (reichen von etw bis etw), weird (hier:merkwürdig), to name but a few (um nur einige zu nennen), compilation (Sammlung), to publish (veröffentlichen), cuppa (cup of), commute (Arbeitsweg), queue (Warteschlange) go for it (Nichts wie ran)