Walking English Dictionary WED1

Everyone admires someone who can speak another foreign language fluently, the more exotic the language the greater the wow.

Everyone speaks English to some level but then there are those, who can speak to a level which simply wows the socks off you – meet the Walking (English) Dictionaries or W(E)DS for short.

What does it take to become a WED? Do you have to spend hours upon hours pouring over and studying boring vocab lists? You could!

You could also get the WED and enjoy your way to becoming a WED. You see WED is a different type of vocab book. It storytells, puts life into the works and often a smile on your face aka ‘edutainment‘.

WED covers topics ranging from ‘learning English‘ & ‘world of work‘, ‘people‘ to ‘politics‘ & ‘world of words‘ to ‘world of weird sounding words‘ to name but a few and is a compilation of previously published Teatime Titbit posts.

As book one in the WED series of ‘Lifelong learning for less than a cuppa tea‘ collection of PDF books, what’s stopping you getting the WED, becoming a WED and wowing the socks off em??!! Go for it!!!!

Walking dictionary (wandelndes Wörterbuch), to admire (bewundern), to wow sb (jdn zum Staunen bringen), to knock sb‘s socks off (jdn vom Hocker hauen), to pore over sth (etw genau studieren), smile (Lächeln), to range from ….. to (reichen von etw bis etw), weird (hier:merkwürdig), to name but a few (um nur einige zu nennen), compilation (Sammlung), to publish (veröffentlichen), cuppa (cup of), go for it (Nichts wie ran)