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What’s in it for me?

You get access to resources, which you can use as is, copy and curate to your heart’s content. Save yourself all the hassle of constantly having to prepare new content. I regularly add to these resources and send out a free newsletter to let you know what’s new! (Sign up below – you can unsubscribe at any time.)


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What are these resources then?

You get access (links) to pre-created Padlets (Digital Noticeboards), which contain content – Information posts (written texts), downloadable PDFs/Word docs, Photos, Audio, Website links, Online Interactive Games & Quizzes, and Videos (YouTube). Here’s a screenshot of the behind-the-scenes I prepared earlier!

Show these Padlets as is during your online lessons, play the videos & online interactive quizzes, download content etc. or copy what you want into PPT and/or curate your own Padlets. (Highly recommended as a digital tool to organize your lessons (topics), groups and ‘Content Car Parks’. Learn more about my Online Digital tools & setup in the next webinar. (Link))

Here’s what resources you get now (updated monthly) and what’s in the pipeline. (Feel free to download this PDF).

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How much is it then?

The annual subscription costs as little as € 3 a day or €89.99 a month. The subscription continues unless you decide to leave me.

Hang on, didn’t you say something about earning money?

You’re very observant! With your own affiliate link, you can earn a 20% commission EVERY month for every colleague who signs up for the premium membership (only as long as they stay a member – obviously!)

Got a freebie to try out?

Cheeky! Yes, I’ve got you covered too. Naturally, you need to get a taster for what is to come in the premium version. So why not try the English Resources LITE version? This free version gives you unlimited access to 5 Padlets:

1. Getting to know each other (LITE)*, complete with an interactive ASK & TELL game. Ideal for kicking off new courses.

2. Your Ask & Tell interactive games collection (LITE)*. Fun interactive ASK & TELL games to get your participants talking. 

3. How to talk about your work. Teach, train and tax your participants with vocab, videos, grammar and speaking activities on the topic of their work. 

4. The Present Perfect collection. Teach, train and tax your participants with videos, online quizzes, downloadable worksheets, and fun interactive ASK & TELL games. 

5. Your Video Mix Collection (LITE)*. Use the vocab lists (ENGLISH-GERMAN), and quiz sheets for YouTube videos. *You will have a greater amount of content in the premium / full version.

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Enjoy! Happy efficient, engaging, and entertaining lessons.  What’s more, relax!   The preparation has been done for you.

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You know you can earn commissions? Yep, well, why not? Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

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Heck, you know you could make even make yourself a little side income? Yep, a couple of extra bob in the kitty wouldn’t go a miss!

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Still wavering? At the end of the day, it’s all about your hard-earned cash. As this is a passion project for me to provide this service to people like me – busy & stressed English language teachers, I’m more than happy to jump on a Zoom Call with you to talk about it. (Link to Calendly)