Less Hassle, More Hussle Membership

I know it is a very cheesey name, but in essence that’s what this membership is all about saving you time, effort and by extension money too, freeing up more time to from preparation to more work time or even like I did (set up a side hussle) or simply having more time off.

To save you the hassle of reading a full website, I’ve made this short video, which introduces the membership side in less than 2 mins (time is money).

Since going all in on online business English teaching, I’ve build up quite a large collection of Padlets – a tool which is at the heart of my daily work. See this screen shot of what a padlet looks like.

Make efficient, engaging, entertaining lessons

As a member of Less Hassle, More Hussle, you can copy individual posts or complete padlets from pre-prepared Padlets to make your own Padlet based -lessons / webinars etc. The only added cost is you have to adopt Padlet as your heart and soul of your lessons and buy access to Padlet (9.99 monthly*). You can also get 4 free padlets, which you can  to see if you

There are individual lessons already made, ranging from ‘getting to know your new clients padlet’ and ‘talking about a company padlet’ (including a YouTube video and worksheet) to ‘Talk about Halloween padlet’ and ‘Let’s look at the past padlet’. What’s more I have so called ‘Car Park Padlets’ for grammar exercises, cool video (links) mostly with worksheets, soft skills exercises – ‘how to’ presentation and exercises padlets, as well as scanned text with exercises.

When you become a member, my first freebie is a webinar in, which I show you my setup including a quick tour of the available padlets.

In the membership you also have access to over 200 blog posts, which you can use as is for your lessons. Last but not least, this thing is growing and will be adding new content, padlets, video worksheets etc. so the monthly newsletter will keep you up to date on what’s new and where to find it. You will also receive upto 50% off webinars I run as well as and my Premium Padlets, which are Workshops for key business skills like mailing, presentations etc.

Naturally 49€ a month sounds a lot, but given all the material just a copy and paste away, it’ll be worth every penny you spend – finally you can go into easy drive mode – no more hours of prep and happy and engaged customers. Mine are, so why shouldn’t yours be?

What’s more I offer a generous, monthly affiliate rewards that you could cover and even make money for bringing in new members.

Still not sure? Trial it for 1 week for FREE, copy what you like and start using the content keep.