Teatime Titbits* gives you English language content during your tea break.

My vocation is to help people IMPROVE their English. I’ve trained many hundreds of people in various seminars, courses and telephone calls for over 20 years now. So often participants told me that they never have time to learn outside the ‘classroom’ and if I could give them some tips and tricks on how learn in their busy lives. Asked, done!

A participant once said to me “You should write a book with all your knowledge of websites, blogs, apps, and videos.”  The seed was sown and the idea of Teatime Titbits was born. With a great deal of trepidation at first I began writing and posting my daily blog.

July 2018 marked the next stage in the Teatime Titbits story with the publishing of my first PDF book “Workplace English Toolkit“ with more in the pipeline https://teatimetitbits.de/store/.

Going forward I will work to grow the Teatime Titbits Nation and help many more to IMPROVE their English. I will continue to write and spread my free content on the internet.

By buying and passing on these PDF books – Get Them & Spread Them!!!!!, you can help others IMPROVE too.

Thank you.

*Titbits (Br) or tidbits (US) are small bits of useful information