Are you an organization interested in providing your employees with effective training in Business English and valuable soft skills?

Why choose us?

1. Tailored Learning: Our courses are designed specifically for professionals, focusing on the language skills needed in a business setting. Whether you need to communicate with international clients, negotiate deals, or lead multinational teams, our experienced instructors will guide and support you to reach your language goals. Contact us for company group/individual training, or webinars at

„I highly recommend Dave as an online business English trainer because he brings a great deal of innovation and creativity to his training sessions. Dave’s lessons are engaging and cater to individuals at various levels of English and different departmental skill sets. The feedback from participants speaks volumes about his effectiveness as a trainer.“

Stefan Hamann, Shopware. CEO & Co‑Founder.

2. Real-World practical content: We believe in practical learning that directly applies to your career. Our courses integrate real-world business scenarios, case studies, and industry-specific vocabulary, guaranteeing that you acquire language skills that can be immediately put into practice in your work. Gain the confidence to communicate effectively in negotiations, presentations, emails, and more.

3. Flexible and Convenient: We understand that your schedule is busy. That’s why our online platform Preston Academy offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. With our open webinars, interactive lessons, and access to a wealth of learning materials, you can fit language learning seamlessly into your professional life.

Start your language-learning journey with us. Together, we’ll make your professional ambitions a reality.

Dave Preston – Founder of Preston Consulting. On a good day!