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Life-long learning for less than the price of a cup of tea with the Walking English Dictionary (WED) series of Teatime Titbit PDF books. WED 1 – “Who really gives a fuck about grammar anyway!” is out on Wednesday 15. May 2019. WED 2- Tuesday Teaser will be ready in June 2019. 

The Teatime Titbit Book Club offers you recommended reads from (Business) English learning, through business books to inspirational biographies from the ‘Book of the week’.

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What they say about WET:

“There are a lot of textbooks on the market that promise to turn you into a business English expert and prepare you perfectly for your communication in English at work. Yes, some of them are quite interesting and provide useful advice. But actually, their content is far away from being used immediately – quite contrary to Dave Preston’s WET”. Jennifer B

“It has become my companion in the office. I use it practically every day.” Thomas P

“I am already enjoying your book and will use it in my business English courses.” Jutta T