The perfect business English language toolkit for every workplace.

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Learn to speak and write English like a native and copy & paste your way to success in English.


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What customers say about the English Like A Native:

“It has become my companion in the office. I use it practically every day.” Thomas P.
“I am already enjoying your book and will use it in my business English courses.” Jutta T
“There are a lot of textbooks on the market that promise to turn you into a business English expert and prepare you perfectly for your communication in English at work. Yes, some of them are quite interesting and provide useful advice. But actually, their content is far away from being used immediately – quite contrary to Dave’s WET.” Jennifer B

English phrases, vocabulary, grammar and much, much more in this 204-page easy-to-read blog-style format.

Speak Like A Native: introduction
Speak Like A Native: On the phone
Speak Like A Native: In meetings
Speak Like A Native: In presentations
Write Emails Like A Native.
Improve Your English Section – off/online resources including a 10-page introduction to learning with YouTube.
A 30-page copy and paste‘ Cheat Sheets Section (as a separate Word document)
A 10-page ’copy and paste‘ Mini Mail Dictionary (Ger-Eng).

Get all this in one book for just €14.99