Teatime What?!?!

I’m sitting at my desk with a to-do list as long as my arm and it’s 3.45pm. I want to get out of work on time today. Then there’s the yellow sticky note (Klebbezettel) with my boss’s scribble (Gekritzel) on it that’s been haunting me (jdn verfolgen) the whole day. I have to get a mail out to the Brits (British) before I leave or my boss will kill me. I can’t put it off (verschieben) any longer. Tick, tock, tick, tock says the clock!!!

“Dear Dave, I am writing to ……. “ Alexa, ‘mitteilen‘ auf Englisch? Alexa: ‘to inform‘. Oh, of course!!

4 long sentences, 5 Alexa translations and 20 minutes later “I please you to call. Kind greets. Tina Tidbits“.

It’s already 4.10 pm, I hope Dieter is still in to read over (durchlesen) the mail. Ring, ring, ring, ring, pick up the phone (drangehen), Dieter!!! Dieter pretty please (Ach bitte, bitte, bitte!), pick up the phone. Don’t say you have yet another dentist appointment (Zahnarzttermin). Dieter, why today??? OK, SEND. I hope he calls me back this time!!!

I REMEMBER those days well. That was before our company got the Workplace English Toolkit Set with the PDF book WET (Workplace English Toolkit), the A3 Mini-Mail Dictionary and the A3 Easy Line To Email Success (Look RIGHT). They put the book on our network and printed out colour copies of the A3 sheets for our desks. Amazing!!

Yesterday, I had another yellow note on my desk when I arrived. I sat at my desk, turned my computer on, opened the email copy & paste cheat sheet on my desktop screen and the copy & paste mini mail dictionary in the WET and got to work.

“Hi Dave, hope you are fine and you had a great weekend? Just wanted to let you know …..“ 5 mins later. “Please give me a call when you’ve got a minute. Thanx a million. Take care. Tina.“

Dave called me ten minutes later. I enjoy talking on the phone now. No more nerves, sweaty palms (Schweißhände) and 5 trips to the coffee machine before I can pick up the phone.

Imagine my day at work NOW thanks to the WET set. I write my mails faster, I don’t have to listen to Alexa’s annoying voice and thanx to the ‘www.grammarly.com‘ tip in the online tools section of the WET book, I couldn’t care less (Das ist mir völlig wurscht) how often Dieter has to go to the dentist.

What’s more I’m learning by doing and I know a lot more words thanx to the vocabulary trainer app I read about and the copy & paste list of vocabulary at the end of the book. I now even have time to check out the Teatime Titbits blog and add new vocab to my app. Like MAGIC!

Best money the company spent in a while. I would have definitely bought the WET book for myself and passed it on to all my family & friends. It’s well worth it (Es lohnt sich).

Yours Tina Tidbits.

P.S. I subscribed (etw abonnieren) to the fortnightly (14 tägig) newsletter because there’s always that little extra and can’t wait to get hold of (etw ergattern) the next book ‘Handy English‘. Could it really be as ‘edutaining‘ meaning educational and entertaining as the WET?

P.S.S. BTW (By The Way) Why not pop over (kurz reinschauen) to the freebie section to get the copy & paste vocab list from this text and more cool free downloads.

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