Why join the BEAM?

Let’s bring back those days, when we were curious about everything (before school took away from us).

Let learning English be authentic, efficient, and yes, FUN.

Let curiosity drive you to understand the BBC or Morning Brew article, that YouTube video or that new word.

Let efficiency drive you to embrace online tools, apps and mobile phone learning.

Let fun drive you to rediscover grammar and new words with adult play-based interactive games.

Let me present the authentic, efficient and FUN membership.

What’s inside the BEAM?

This membership is ideal for people who would like to study English with authentic English content. There are 5 courses in the membership:

  1. Business English Course (BEC)*

2. General English Course (GEC)*

3. Guided Watching Business English Course (Dragons‘ Den 10 video course)

4. Guided Watching General English Course (Germany vs.USA 10 video course)

5. Keep Progressing Course (KPC) – Can’t wait for the new sections to come, enjoy the Daily Reads, or wanna keep up-to-date with new Guided Watching vids & Guided Quizzes play-based interactive learning for adults – this is ideal for you. New content is added „regularly“ and „randomly“.

*Both the BEC & GEC offer you 4 sections: Guided Learning, Guided Watching, Guided Reading and Guided Quizzes play-based interactive learning for adults.

Whatever you wanna do, there is something there for you!

Welcome inside the membership. What do you wanna do? Why not…….?

  1. ……….. jump inside a Guided Learning Topic. These sections contain Padlets*, which contain a lot of content to study (1-4 hours) – ideal to spend some time on and come back later! *Padlets – digital boards with written posts, photos, videos, downloadable PDFs, links to websites and interactive games.
Padlet. „How to talk about your product“. Guided Learning Business
SectionBusiness or GeneralPadlet Topic
1 BusinessHow To Talk About Your Work & Company.
1 General How To Master The Big 5 Tenses.
2 Business How To Master Your Mails.
2General How To Master Your Small Talk.
3BusinessHow To Talk About Your Products.
3General How To Talk About Family, Friends, Colleagues.
4BusinessHow To Master Your Presentations.
4General How To Talk About Your Education.
5BusinessHow To Master The Art Of Diplomacy.
5General How To Master The Art of Asking Questions.
6BusinessHow To Talk About Trends.
6General How to Master AI To Boost Your English
7BusinessComing soon
7GeneralComing soon
Padlets – digital boards with written posts, photos, videos, downloadable PDFs, links to websites and interactive games.

2. ………. plan a 30-minute study block and grab a guided-reading article from Morning Brew (a daily American News newsletter), check the vocabulary for new titbits and get reading.

Guided Reading Business

3. ………. or maybe you don’t have all that much time. Why not jump into the Guided Quizzes section and do an interactive quiz? You can also download a printout version PDF to record the answers if you want. Learning tip. Come back later and do the quiz again!

Play-based interactive Quiz business

Test BEAM 4 yourself!

Download the Word document (sections 1 ONLY) below for FREE.

Join KPC – 10€ a month!

Join BEAM – 30€ a month!

Join the BEAM PLUS – 100€ a month!

When you click on ‚Let Me Join‘ button, you will go to the www.ELOPAGE.com (a German provider) payment page, add a discount code (if you have one) and away you go.

Elopage will send you an email to create a password. Login (Top right of this website above) and you will see the 5 courses waiting to be explored.

You can cancel at any time!