Why Business English Academy?

You love to

  1. read and watch ‚original‘ articles and videos.
  2. choose what / how / when, and where we learn.
  3. be ‘tested’ and ‘taught’ language learning tips.

Take one of the Guided Learning English Courses to take your English to the next level from a business English teacher with over 25 years of experience.

Get a sneak preview.

Welcome to the other side. Jump right into the course and choose what you wanna do: 

GL – Guided Learning – (business) topics, skills, tricks & tips

GW – Guided Watching – (business) YouTube videos – amongst many others, Dragons‘ Den, Germany vs USA, Foil, Arms & Hog (Comedy-very advanced!), news channels.

GR – Guided Reading – Morning Brew (posts), BBC articles, Teatime Titbit blog posts

GQ – Guided Quizzes – Cool quizzes brought to you by Wordwall and Quizziz. (both mobile friendly)
And away you go!

Some posts link up to Padlets* (digital noticeboards), YouTube videos, and online interactive quizzes or are simple text posts with downloadable PDF Files.

The Padlets
These digital noticeboards contain written posts, links to YouTube videos, websites, interactive quizzes, and downloadable PDFs.

The beauty of the Padlets is that it allows me to add new content continuously. It is ideal to come back whenever you want, to review, redo (exercises) as often as you want and check out new content.