10-Week Master Your Business English Understanding With Guided Watching. In the Den.

A scene from Dragons‘ Den – Höhle der Löwen in Germany

Improve your understanding, broaden your vocabulary, and BUSINESS English in just 10 weeks.

It’s engaging, entertaining and effective!

Watching YouTube videos is the most convenient, practical, and entertaining way of learning BUT also the most difficult. Do you understand the speakers – do they speak too fast, unclearly, or use words and slang that you don’t understand?

That’s why, with Guided Watching, we provide you with all the tools you need to watch & understand “real” content. Practice, practice, practice, and you’ll be amazed how quickly it is easier to understand.

Dragons‘ Den.

And what better content to learn with than an authentic British TV business show, “Dragons‘ Den” (like Höhle der Löwen in Germany)? The hit TV show, where entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors, has captivated audiences worldwide.

Welcome to this collection of 10 Guided Watching videos with:

A vocabulary list (English/German) and link to the Quizlet interactive learning system.

Understanding exercises to focus your listening (with answers)

A written transcript of the video.

39.99 €

10-week Master Your English Understanding with Guided Watching. Germany vs. USA.

Improve your understanding, broaden your vocabulary, and learn more about life in the USA in just 10 weeks.

If you are going to binge-watch something, why not something engaging, informative, and fun?

May I present Jim (the American) on the right and his friend Alex (the German) on the left? Together they are the YouTube channel Germany vs USA, a great team and the best when it comes to making sometimes even (more) serious topics more interesting, informative, and fun to watch with their uniquely charming storytelling.

Are you interested in the awesome USA? Do you want to work on your (American) English, too? Are you even a pupil/a student of English and want some cool content on everything USA? If so, then this is the video course for you!

I designed this 10-week course (level B1 & above) to help you binge-watch their videos with a pre-viewing online vocabulary quiz to get you started. There’s a downloadable PDF document with even more useful vocabulary, comprehension questions (& answers), loads of (sorry US English ‘a ton of’) cultural titbits (sorry US English Tidbits) as well as examining grammar aspects, too. Just do 1 Guided Watching video a week.

Excited?! Jump straight in and welcome to the World of Germany vs USA. Enjoy.