Babble, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone all train English brilliantly. Do they equip your colleagues to deal with the business world as it is today?

What about offering your colleagues an alternative? This 3-Month Membership offers them 2 courses in one membership area – for general English, there is the Guided Learning English Programme (GLEP) and for business English, there is the Guided Learning Business English Programme (GLBEP).

What’s in the 3-Month Membership?

They can deep dive into a Guided Learning Topic, watch a Guided Watching Dragons‘ Den video (Hölle der Löwen) amongst others, read an advanced Guided Reading BBC article, test themselves with a play-based interactive Quiz.

Test it with your team.

Onboarding your team couldn’t be simpler:

  • How many members would like to have on board?
  • Click on the button below, you will go to the (a German provider) payment page, pay and receive a confirmation of purchase mail and invoice.
  • You will receive a mail (within 48 hrs* – they are created manually in the system) with the individual discount codes.
  • Your team members can create a membership account, of course, FREE for them, with their individual discount code.

Get 5 discount codes (999.95€ – 25% = 749.96€ one time payment)

Get 10 discount codes (1,999.90€ – 30% = 1,399.93€ one time payment)