24 ½ phrases from agreeing to disagreeing.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: 24 ½ phrases from agreeing to disagreeing.

Do you have discussions in English at work? Do you often feel you’re language is somehow limited to a few phrases? Then this post might just give you a helping hand to take up a few more and to help you widen and vary your language. Get the full list here: https://teatimetitbits.de/download/how-to-agree-and-disagree/ .

I’ve divided the list into 5 categories from ‘agreeing’ to ‘disagreeing’ with ‘agreeing tentatively’, ‘being non-committal’ and finally ‘expressing reservations’ in between.

So Teatime Titbiters, here’s the QOTD QuestionOfTheDay based on the following article:


Do you agree that swearing should be outlawed in public? Who’s gonna get the ball rolling?

to give sb a helping hand (jdm behilflich sein), to widen (erweitern), to vary (wechseln), (‘agreeing) tentatively’ (zögernd), ‘being non-committal’ (zurückhaltend), ‘expressing reservations’ (Zweifel ausdrücken), to swear (fluchen), be outlawed (verbieten), to get the ball rolling (Hier: losleghen)

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