(8 hrs). Suitable for English speakers from level B1. Any experience level.

Why do an emailing course when you can Google Translate & Deepl your emails?


Germans and English-speaking people write differently. Culture doesn’t always translate well, especially when AI technology does it. Lost in translation can lead to

  • cultural miscommunications,
  • misunderstandings,
  • even serious faux-pas.

You will learn.

  1. how to write in the language for English-speaking people,
  2. a basic understanding of these cultural differences,
  3. a whole bunch of typical mailing phrases and when to use them,
  4. typical grammar mistakes to avoid,
  5. how to use two online tools to correct & improve your written English.


After just 3 hours, you’ll be able to understand all the key elements of email writing, have an arsenal of phrases, and learn how to use the 2 splendid time-saving online tools to improve your emails.

What we cover in more detail:

  1. Recognising the differences between Formal (F), Professional Standard (PS) and Informal mails (I), and basic mailing etiquette.
  2. Discuss case studies of translation faux-pas.
  3. Learn about 17 types of functional phrases for your mails.
  4. Understand how to make use of the ‘Mirroring’ technique to build your own mail reply.
  5. Write your own ‘Professional Standard’ style mail.
  6. Learn a checklist of how to correct your own mail
  7. Review typical ‘grammar’ mistake traps, and practice correcting an example mail.
  8. Find out how to use Grammarly and Wordtune to help correct and improve your mails.
  9. After the session, you will also receive a short individual feedback film of your ‘professional standard’ mail.

You receive

  • 1 PDF course workbook.
  • 1 A3 desktop Quick Search Email Phrases (Priced at €2.99.)
  • An individual video feedback to your practice mails.
  • 1 copy of the ‚English Like A Native‘ at a PDF (Priced at €14.99).
  • A certificate of participation

Costs: 120€ + VAT per person (class size limited to 6 participants).