Deep dive into a Guided Learning Topic, watch a Guided Watching video, read an advanced Guided Reading BBC article, or test yourself with a play-based interactive Quiz.

This 3-month course is ideal for people who would like to study English with authentic English content. It is designed for intermediate (B1 & B2) and advanced (C1) learners to take their English to the next level. The content can be (very) challenging, especially the Guided Watching‚ YouTube video content. That’s why we call it „Guided“ because we give you vocabulary lists, activities (with answers) you can do, video transcripts as well as tricks and tips (e.g. how to make YouTube videos easier to watch!) to help you get the most out of it.

Get a sneak preview.
Welcome inside the course. What do you wanna do? Why not…….?

……….. jump inside one of the programmes and start working on a Guided Learning Topic. These sections contain Padlets*, which contain a lot of content to study (1-4 hours) – ideal to spend some time on and come back later! *Padlets – digital boards with written posts, photos, videos, downloadable PDFs, links to websites and interactive games.

………. plan a 30-minute study block and grab guided reading article from Morning Brew (a daily American News newsletter), check the vocabulary for new titbits and get reading.

………. or maybe you don’t have all that much time. Why not jump into the Guided Quizzes section and do an interactive quiz? You can also download a printout version PDF to record the answers if you want. Learning tip. Come back later and do the quiz again!

As you can imagine, there is a lot of study content. That’s why, we open new content („drip in“) every 14 days (from the purchase date) to help you create your own study plans/routines and give you plenty of time to work through the content, too

What’s in the 3-Month course?

When you click on ‚Let’s Go‘ button, you will go to the (a German provider) payment page, add a discount code (if you have one) and away you go. Elopage will send you an email to create a password. Login and you will see the course waiting to be explored.

Whatever you wanna do, click to start the programme – weeks 1-2 (General) are already open. Dive into the content.

Every 2 weeks, the next set of content is „dripped in“. Here’s the content overview for the 3 months.

What do you wanna do?

Deep dive into Guided Learning Topics
Watch engaging Guided Watching YouTube videos
Read Guided Reading general interest articles
Test & train yourself with play-based learning Interactive Quizzes

Whatever you wanna do, there is something there for you!

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