Personal Presentations Practice!

Are you ready to captivate your audience, leave a lasting impression, and take your presentation skills to the next level? Welcome to Preston Consulting for tailored, individual presentation training.

What do you need?

1. The Creator Plan. Together, we work on everything from creation to dress rehearsal – multiple sessions to create a captivating presentation (from scratch) and practise, practise, practise to prepare you to conquer the stage.

2. The Tweaker Plan. The deadline is approaching fast. Practise, tweak, practise – multiple sessions to fine-tune every aspect of your presentation.

3. The Perfectionist Plan. Do you want expert eyes and ears on your presentation? The final dress rehearsal to iron out any issues, fine-tune the presentation and calm the nerves. One or two (maybe three sessions)

Please download this PDF with all the information you need in English and German. Contact us today to schedule your first training session or ask any questions.

Why Choose Our Training Services?

At Preston Consulting, we understand that delivering a compelling presentation isn’t just about the content on your slides – it’s about how you engage, connect, and convey your message. We offer a training experience to empower you and improve your presentation skills.

What Sets Us Apart:

Personalisation: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Your presentation is as unique as you are, and our training is customised to your specific needs, goals, and skill level.

Hands-On Practice: Our training isn’t just about theory. You’ll be able to practise your presentation in a supportive and constructive environment. We’ll work with you on your delivery, body language, and every aspect contributing to a memorable performance.

Confidence Building: We’ll help you build the confidence you need to conquer the stage. Overcome nerves, master stage presence, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Effective Slide Design: Our coaching doesn’t stop at your delivery. We’ll work with you to create visually engaging and informative slides that complement your presentation style.

What to Expect:

1. Initial Assessment: We’ll begin by assessing your current presentation skills, strengths, and areas that need improvement.

2. Tailored Coaching: Based on the assessment, we’ll create a specific training plan for you.

3. Practical Sessions: Together, we’ll practise your presentation, fine-tuning every aspect of your delivery, from tone of voice to body language.

4. Feedback and Refinement: Constructive feedback and ongoing refinement are essential to our training process. We’ll help you make continuous progress.

5. Confidence Boost: As your skills improve, your confidence will soar, making you ready to conquer the stage.

Who Benefits from Our Training:

Professionals: Promote your career by becoming a confident presenter with charisma.

Entrepreneurs: Pitch your ideas with impact and secure investments.

Anyone Seeking Improvement: Whether you’re a novice or an experienced presenter, we’re here to take you to the next level.

Contact us today to schedule your first training session. Your audience is waiting.