English Like A Native

This 204-page ‘how to‘ toolkit PDF helps you manage your emails, tackle those tricky telephone calls, prepare your presentations, and skill yourself up in your small talk and includes:

  • Speak Like A Native: introduction
  • Speak Like A Native: On the phone
  • Speak Like A Native: In meetings
  • Speak Like A Native: In presentations
  • Write Emails Like A Native.
  • Great Grammar Section (86 pages) with links to YouTube grammar videos
  • Improve Your English Section – off/online resources including a 10-page introduction into learning with YouTube.
  • A 30-page ’copy and paste‘ Cheat Sheets Section (as a separate Word document)
  • A 10-page ’copy and paste‘ Mini Mail Dictionary (Ger-Eng).

Get all this in one book for just €14.99

Tuesday Teaser

What’s one of the most fun ways to learn/teach yourself something? Just that, answers questions!!!

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that quizzes, puzzles, or teasers (the popular Tuesday posts) show you your knowledge gaps and provide you with the answers to fill those gaps. As they are fun to do, the ‘learning effect’ is in my experience very effective.

Be taxed, teased & train your English. Go on, let me ‘entertease’ you, download the book!!!!

to agree with sb (mit jdm übereinkommen), knowledge gap (Wissenslücke), as (weil), to tax sb (hier: jds Gehirn viel abverlangen), to tease sb (ärgern),

Just 7.99

Fun on Friday. Friday for (even more) fun stuff – colloquialisms – WTF!?, idioms, slang – now you’re talking, fun texts/stories, and, of course, vids. Not to mention some Tuesday Teaser quizzes, which fit better in Fun on Friday, and some poems – penned by yours truly!!! And the one you’ve been waiting for – I know, BAD LANGUAGE !!!!! Go on be naughty, and download the book!!!!

Just 7.99€

Colloquialism (Umgangssprache), idiom (Redewendung), ‘now you’re talking’ (Das hört sich schon besser an), poem (Gedicht), penned by (aus der Feder), yours truly (hier: meine Wenigkeit), BAD LANGUAGE (unanständige Sprache), naughty (unanständig)