10 formal words to start you own list.

Mail Mastery. Getting your mails/English to the next level is a big ask, takes time and effort. Non-natives write very good mails, but understandably often struggle when it comes to writing in a more formal way. It goes without saying that the initial correspondence should be more formal.

Here are 10 formal words (left) and their more ‘neutral’ counterparts (right) to start you off in building your own ‘List of formal English’:

1) swift/prompt = quick/fast

2) reply = answer

3) schedule = diary

4) requirements = needs

5) to participate = to take part in sth

6) employees = staff.

7) ample = plenty of

8) matter = subject

9) convenient = suit(able)

10) to appreciate = thankful/grateful

Happy Mailing.

ask (Hier: Aufgabe), effort (Mühe), to struggle (sich abmühen), it goes without saying (Es versteht sich von selbst), initial (anfänglich)

2 Gedanken zu „10 formal words to start you own list.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Even in German the sender/recipient effect may lead to severe misunderstandings if the tone of the written text and the subtle information between the lines is differently understood. That’s why I’m particularly grateful for your help in terms of mailing in English. A foreign language doesn’t make it any easier… cheers!

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