10 phrases to speak like a native on the phone.

Here are some phrases YOU may want use when you are telephoning.

“I’ll pop you through to Mike, then.”

“Can I just run the account no. by you again?”

“You don’t happen to have his mobile number, do you?”

“Bear with me a sec, I’ll just fetch her.”

“Can you just jot down this ref. no, please?”

“Have you got something to write with handy?”

“Do me a favour and double-check the date, would/will you?”

“He’s tied up in a meeting at the mo(ment).”

“I’ve been trying to get hold of him on his landline number all morning.”

“Tell her to give me a call/ring/bell* when she gets back in.” *more colloquial

to pop sb through (verbinden), to run sth by sb (wiederholen), to happen to (do) (zufällig), to bear with sb (geduldig sein), to fetch sb/sth (jdn/etw. holen), to jot sth down (etw kurz notieren), to have sth handy (etw griffbereit haben), to double-check (nochmals prüfen), to be tied up (beschäftigt sein), to get hold of sb (jdn. erreichen), landline (number) (Festnetz)

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