10 shit phrases

Fun on Friday. 10 shit phrases

Cast your mind back to (an etw zurückdenken) when you were a kid at school and you started English. Were you ecstatic (begeistert) when you found out the that ‘bread’ is ‘Brot’, ‘bird’ is ‘Vogel’ or even ‘bum’ is ‘Po’ ?

I bet there was a little devil in you saying ‘now we’re talking’, when you heard your first four letter word, ‘s**t’, or later (hopefully) ‘f**k’ etc, etc. There’s something about these words (in any language), which make them somehow appealing to (ansprechend) the beginner!

So WARNING, the rest of the post is full of SHIT !!!!

So I here are 10 shit phrases, which you could need in everyday English (but that you possibly don’t know yet) would be shit-hot (geil). So let’s dive into the shit (as it were).


  1. No shit (Sherlock) = (ironic) sag bloß/Nein wirklich? ALSO used as emphasis that what has just been said is true = Ungelogen!
  2. Jackshit = überhaupt nichts “I know jackshit about handball”.
  3. Shit-faced = stockbesoffen “Dave came home shit-faced last night” Shit happens, eh? (so ist das Leben!)
  4. Tough shit! = Pech gehabt!
  5. To give sb shit has two meanings ‘to make fun of sb’=verarschen and ‘to tells sb off’= jdn zusammenscheißen “The missus gave me shit when I got home” (see 3).
  6. to shit bricks = sich vor Angst in die Hose scheißen “I was shitting bricks before the interview”.
  7. To shit on sb = (to inform/grass on sb)=jdn verpfeifen.
  8. To shit–stir = (Ärger bereiten)or a person can be a shit-stirrer (Unruhestifter/Dreckschleuder)
  9. The shit is going to hit the fan soon= Bald ist die Kacke am Dampfen

And drum roll, one of my faves:

  1. To be up shit creek (without a paddle)= (tief) in der Scheiße stecken.


The more I braindump (pun intended) the more phrases come to mind, I feel a part 2 is in the pipeline.


Anyway, QOTD, which of the above were new for you?

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