10 telephone phrases for that more ‘informal’ call.

Speak like a native: here are some phrases you can hear when you are telephoning and an English explanation:

1. “Have you got (e.g. a pen) handy?” = “Is there sth near you / at hand?”

2. “I’ll see to it straight away” = “I’ll do it immediately.”

3. “Sorry, I’m not really with you.” = “I don’t follow/understand you?”

4. “Can you run that by me again please?” = “Please repeat.”

5. “Bear with me a second, Mr Preston” = “Please wait.”

6. “Please just jot this reference number down.” = “Please write it down.”

7. “I’ll just double check with my superior.” = “I’ll ask somebody again.”

8. “Yes, fire away.” = “Go ahead.”

9. “Appreciate your help.” = “Thank you.”

10. “I’m afraid he’s tied up in a meeting right now.” = “He’s busy / not available.”

2 Gedanken zu „10 telephone phrases for that more ‘informal’ call.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Prevents lots of heart attacks as soon as there’s an incoming call of someone who doesn’t speak German. And thanks to your telephone phrases we are able to shine and relax. 🙂

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