10 telephoning phrases to speak like a native on the phone.

Telephoning can be one of the most challenging things you have to do in a foreign language, maybe the person speaks very quickly, with a difficult accent, and to make matters worse, uses colloquial phrases which you may not understand.

I’ve put together 10 quite colloquial phrases which you may hear on the phone and if you feel adventurous*, you may want use when you are telephoning, too.

*Be careful when you use these phrases, DON’T use them in a more formal call. So let’s jump into the phrases:

“I’ll pop you through to Mike, then.”

“Can I just run the account no. by you again?”

“You don’t happen to have his mobile number, do you?”

“Bear with me a sec, and I’ll just fetch her.”

“Can you just jot down this ref. no, please?”

“Have you got something to write with handy?”

“Do me a favour and double-check the date, would/will you?”

“He’s tied up in a meeting at the mo(ment).”

“I’ve been trying to get hold of him on his landline number all morning.”

“Tell her to give me a call/ring/bell* when she gets back in.”

*more colloquial

Challenging (herausfordernd), to make matters worse (und erschwerend kommt noch hinzu), colloquial (umgangsprachlich), adventurous (abenteuerlich), to pop sb through (verbinden), to run sth by sb (wiederholen), to happen to (do) (zufällig), to bear with sb (geduldig sein), to fetch sb/sth (jdn/etw. holen), to jot sth down (etw kurz notieren), to have sth handy (etw griffbereit haben), to double-check (nochmals prüfen), to be tied up (beschäftigt sein), to get hold of sb (jdn. erreichen), landline (number) (Festnetz)

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2 Gedanken zu „10 telephoning phrases to speak like a native on the phone.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    And don‘t forget the classics:

    I’m afraid, Mr XY is at lunch…. Yes, he is still at lunch….. (and he‘ll never return ;-))

    I‘m sorry, we can‘t fix a date at the moment, Mr XY is too busy. What about 2023?

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