10 trend words you may not have come across before.

1. The share prices plummeted to an all time low. to plummet = to plunge = (stürzen)

2. Unemployment has soared to 20%. to soar = to rocket = (sprunghaft ansteigen)

3. Steel production peaked in the early 1980s. to peak (den Hochstand erreichen)

4. Sales have levelled off after a period of rapid growth. to level off/out (sich einpendeln)

5. Profits slumped by over 50%. to slump (absinken)

6. The economic boom sent property prices skyrocketing. to skyrocket (in die Höhe schießen)

7. Sales have picked up 14% this year. to pick up = improve (erholen)

8. The shares have halved in value. to halve = (halbieren)

9. Output should triple by next year. to triple = to treble = (verdreifachen)

10. Sales have increased/decreased fivefold = -(suffix) fold = (x fach)

Good luck with the next (sales) presentation and hope your numbers are on the up.

share prices (Aktienkurse), all time low (Tiefstand), property prices (Immobilienpreise), output (Produktionsmenge / leistung), to be on the up (Auf dem aufsteigenden Ast sein)

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