10 ways to refer to something

When writing a mail or preparing a presentation, linking and referring phrases can come in very handy. From ‘FIRST & FOREMOST’ and ‘REGARDING XYZ’ to ‘FINALLY’ and ‘As for XYZ’.

The phrases aren’t rocket science and I’m sure you’ve come across most of them before. They allow you to broaden and vary your language when you write your mails or the script for your presentation as well as provide a structure to your texts. Download the full list PDF @ https://teatimetitbits.de/free-pdfs/

to come in handy (zugutekommen), to broaden (erweitern)

You can find this blog post and 50 other ‘speak & write like a native’ posts in the PDF Workplace English Toolkit book @ https://teatimetitbits.de/downloads/your-busines-english-workplace-toolkit/

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can copy, paste & learn from natives?

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