15 useful appointment words.

Appointments are a very important part of our lives! Even if we aren’t at one, we are probably thinking about one, planning (for) one or even arranging yet another one. In one of those, I’ve-got-nothing-better-to-do-moments I brainstormed what we can do with ‘appointments’. This, guys and gals, is the result of my I’ve-got-nothing-better-to-do-moment. 15 !!!! And here they are – neatly wrapped in little dialogues:

“I would like to arrange (1)/make (2)/set up* (3)/fix* (4) an appointment with Mr Preston, Please.”

“I’ll pencil you in (5) for 3p.m. on Tuesday.”

“Please confirm (6) the appointment as soon as you know for definite.”

“I’m sorry, but something has come up and I can’t keep our appointment (7).”

“If you can’t manage (8) / make* (9) 3pm, what about postponing (10)/ putting off* (11) until 5pm?”

“Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel (12) / call off* (13) the meeting.”

“I’m afraid I overlooked a prior engagement , can we reschedule (14) / rearrange (15), please?”


(1) arrange / (2) make an appointment = einen Termin vereinbaren / machen (3) set up / (4) fix an appointment = einen Termin vereinbaren / machen (5) pencil sb in = vormerken (6) confirm an appointment = bestätigen (7) keep an appointment = einhalten (8) manage / (9) make an appointment = es schaffen (10) postpone an appointment / (11) put an appointment off = verschieben (12) cancel an appointment / (13) call an appointment off = absagen (14) reschedule / (15) rearrange an appointment = neu planen

Due to (Wegen), unforeseen circumstances (unvorhergesehene Ereignisse / Umstände), prior engagement (ältere Verpflichtung)

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