2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Here’s a quick one to get your brain moving this morning. The verb (accept etc) goes with 2 of the 3 nouns (an offer etc) and one of them is the odd one out. Which one?

1. to accept A) an offer B) a regret C) an apology

2. to arrange A) shipment B) a bank transfer C) a receipt

3. to confirm A) your custom B) receipt C) the time

4. to hold A) talks B) a meeting C) a promise

5. to meet A) expectations B) a dispute C) a deadline

6. to offer A) a discount B) an apology C) a regret

7. to quote A) a price B) an invoice C) a reference number

8. to regret A) the delay B) the goods C) the situation

9. to ship A) the goods B) an item C) the problem

to be the odd one out (nicht in der Reihe passen),

1) ….. 2) …. . 3)…. . 4) ….. 5) …… 6) …… 7) …… 8) …. 9) …..

1) B 2) C 3) A 4) C 5) B 6) C 7) B 8) B 9) C

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