2 simple tips for your mails.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: 2 simple tips for your mails.

When starting mails to people you know well and are on first name terms with them, imagine you are actually talking to this person either on the phone or face-to-face. What would you normally do?

  1. Ask ‘how are you?’ or phrase of that nature.
  2. Engage in a bit of PERSONALISED small talk.

Let’s imagine your ENGLISH colleague/business contact (NOT BRITISH in this precise situation) is a sports fan:

“Hi, Dave. Hope you are fine? Congrats on the Grand Slam* on Saturday.”

*Most (British) sports fans will know that England beat France to win the Rugby 6 Nations championship (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France & Italy). England won all 5 games and as such won the additional title ‘Grand Slam’ winners.

For most Brits, it’s a simple as that, a short ‘Hi’ and a little PERSONALISED ‘small talk’ before getting down to business is taken for granted.

I know you really KNOW but do you actually (take the extra few minutes to) do it?

to be on first name terms with sb (mit jdm per Du sein), to engage in sth (sich an etw beteiligen), to be taken for granted (etw. als selbstverständlich ansehen)

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