2018 Trends

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Tuesday Teaser – 2018 Trends

Here’s a two parter for you. It’s that time of year again when statistics are drawn together, made into neat charts, table and graphs and presented, pored and pondered over. How well do you know trends vocab?

Part 1. Simply decide if the verb means the trend is on the up, down or horizontal.

1.increase 2.soar 3.decline 4.recover 5.(sky)rocket 6.plummet 7.drop 8.peak 9.level off 10.remain constant/stable 11.dip 12.deteriorate 13.improve 14.surge 15.slump 16. climb 17.bottom out 18. plateau 19. dive 20.decrease

You know can say e.g. “Turnover doubled, tripled/trebled, quadruple, etc” but did you know you can also say e.g. Turnover increased two, three, four fold?

To inform the listener/reader how the verb acted you can add any one of the following adverbs e.g. The turnover went up slightly in Q4.

Part 2. Now match the adverb with the correct definition:

  1. dramatically         A) to an average extent; fairly but not very
  2. considerably        B) slowly, over a long period of time
  3. sharply                C) a little
  4. significantly         D) quickly and unexpectedly
  5. moderately          E) suddenly and by a large amount
  6. slightly                F) very quickly; at a great rate
  7. suddenly             G) very suddenly and to a very great and often surprising degree
  8. rapidly,                 H) gradually and in an even and regular way
  9. steadily                 I) much; a lot
  10. gradually             J) in a way that is large or important enough to have an effect on

something or to be noticed

You can always use the ‘There is/was/has been/will be a + adj version of above + noun form of verbs.

E.G. There has been a slight increase in sales this quarter.


Part 1.

1.up 2.up 3.down 4.up 5.up 6.down 7.down 8.up 9.horizontal 10.horizontal 11.down 12.down 13.up 14.up 15.down 16.up 17. horizontal 18. horizontal 19. down 20. down

Part 2.

  1. G, 2. I, 3. E, 4. J, 5. A, 6. C, 7. D, 8. F, 9. H, 10. B

To pore over sth (etw genau studieren) and to ponder over sth (über etw brüten).


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