2019 Challenge: Step up a level!

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit:

Happy New Year!!!!! That goal-setting time has rolled around again. Have you ever thought of setting yourself a goal to improve your English?

Go to https://www.sprachtest.de/einstufungstest-business-englisch and take the test to see what CEF level you are at now? You will receive an email with your score. Here’s a challenge for 2019. Get to the next level by 31. Dec 2019!!!!

Make www.teatimetitbits.de one of the websites to read, learn, get tips & tricks and inspiration/motivation throughout 2019. Save yourself the time of typing in the website address on your mobile/cellphone by putting the Teatime Titbits shortcut button (direct link to the website) on the homescreen.

Over the next 100 days I will revamp and republish posts from the Workplace English Toolkit (WET), giving you PART of the book, if you stay the course. I will also give you new material, which will be added to the 2019 upgrade of the book. BTW, if you want the whole WET downloadable PDF book, I’ve dropped the price to € 5.99 until 31 January 2019 – use the discount code 4OFF.

Rise to the challenge – see where you – see where some Titbits a day can get you in a year – go for it!!!!

to roll around (herumwälzen), to set oneself a goal (sich ein Ziel setzen), shortcut (Verknüpfung), home screen (Haupt/Startbildschirm), to revamp (etw aufmotzen), to republish ((wieder)veröffentlichen), to stay the course (die Sache durchziehen), BTW (by the way-übrigens), discount (Rabatt), to rise to a challenge (sich der Herausforderung stellen), “go for it!” (Nichts wie ran)

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