2023 is the year of …..

So the end of January is almost upon us. Didn’t it fly by? According to the Chinese, 2023 is the year of the Rabbit, for me, it’s the year of “vocabulary”, and I’m encouraging my clients to really double down on their vocabulary this year to take their English to the next level.

I kicked off the year with the topic of New Year’s resolutions. Check out the Padlet I designed “My supercalifragilisticexpialidocious new year”. The topic is ideal for repeating, reviewing, and revising the grammar aspect, “to be going to + infinitive” form for future plans like “Are you going to exercise more in 2023?” With the more advanced groups, I work on getting them to use and feel comfortable with the more slangy “gonna” – “Are you gonna exercise more ….?”. Furthermore, I also introduce the word “to be likely”, and its noun cousin “likelihood” to discuss how likely it is that they are going to stick to certain resolutions. Why not try the interactive game on the Padlet yourself?

What’s more, I noted 30 items of vocabulary from some pictures of adverts, book covers, and online marketing banners, which I got the participants to “explain” by describing the new vocabulary in their own words and thinking up New Year’s resolution questions to ask the others like “Are you going to save more money this year?” etc. It was great fun to exchange ideas about exercise, getting organized, becoming minimalistic, hobbies, learning a new language (other skills) and of course healthy eating.

If you haven’t already opened up the Padlet, take a look at the vocabulary and try the above exercises for yourself. Were there any new items of vocab for you? Are you going to make 2023 your year of vocabulary?

If so, I can highly recommend signing up for Quizlet (FREE) to help you train your vocab. Here are links to 2 videos I made to help you get started with Quizlet.

How to learn with Quizlet.

How to create a new learning set from a word doc or Excel list in Quizlet

I wish a very wordy 2023.

P.S. At the very bottom of the Padlet, there’s a link to a very thought-provoking video to kick off 2023 by Dr. Benjamin Hardy, an organizational psychologist, author, and Youtuber.

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