Glorious Day

Glorious day! Inspired by the gorgeous weather we’re having at the mo(ment), I thought it would be a great chance to dispel a myth about us Brits – we’re ALWAYS talking about the weather.

Not ALWAYS, but often as it one of those safe conversation starters, where you are almost always guaranteed to get an agreement. (unless you bump into some weirdo who thinks 25 C (in BRITAIN) is a little on the cool side).

Anyway, here are my top 5 weather starters, covering most eventualities to get you and newbie friend feel like you’ve been buddies for donkey’s years.

1. A tad nippy, isn’t it? = It’s a little cold

2. Glorious / gorgeous day = very nice weather

3. It’s blowing a (10 force) gale outside = very wind

4. Brass monkey weather, eh (slang) = very cold weather

5. It’s a real scorcher! = very hot

Don’t worry too much about the last one, you’ll only need it once in a blue moon. If you want to learn another ten weather related idioms, why not check out the following link.

Good stuff!!!

Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts!

to dispel a myth (mit einem Mythos aufräumen), to bump into (hier: begegnen), weirdo (komischer Vogel), for donkey’s years.(ewig und drei Tage), in a blue moon. (alle Jubeljahre), idioms (Redewendungen)

4 Gedanken zu „Glorious Day

  1. Jenny Antworten

    It might be a glorious day in Münster right now. However, in Heidelberg it’s hotter than hell outside, a real f… scorcher! No „sunny day“ to „enjoy“, rather a torturing, unbearable heat we have to survive somehow. So, enjoy your cool(er) temperatures. 🙂

      • Jenny Antworten

        Me too. At least back in those days when I was still healthy and full of energy I used to love hot weather. High temperatures couldn’t stop me from anything, set me even more on fire 😉 and also donating blood was no problem (the DRK guys were always happy to see me during heat waves).

        However, today it’s an additional burden to the several diseases I’m already suffering from. Especially if you’re just allowed to drink a certain amount of water at defined times… no fun.

        But the worst are these tropical nights. Hot days – ok, but extremely warm and humid nights with temperatures above 24°C are nothing I’m longing for. This morning I still had 27°C in my living room although all windows had been open all night. Bäh!!!

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