The most dreaded day of the week,

Up early again, no time to sleep,

The alarm clock beeps & then rush, rush, rush,

Hit the snooze & you’ll be on the last push.


Down at work, long faces all around.

“Good Morning” is a rare sound.

Fire up the computer to check the mails.

200 more than Friday without fail.


Boss Bill wanders in at 9.05,

Giving everyone he sees the routine high five,

Why on earth he’s always so pumped, I’ll never really know,

But maybe cos he snorts that ‘snow’ (drugs).


Well, 3 hours to go till lunchtime,

Some food in my stomach will do me just fine,

To combat the early afternoon tiring,

I’ll do a wee bit of filing.


Yet another project meeting at 3,

Another step further, I doubt we’ll be,

If the team leader is really on form,

We’ll be done at the time to go home.


Then I’ll be high-fiving everyone I see,

Leaving the office fills my heart with glee,

On my way out, I run into Bill,

“Off home already, cheerio, Mr Hill”.

If my little rhyme made you smile, please show it to someone else. Cheers.

To be on the last push (auf den letzten Drücker sein), without fail (ganz bestimmt), to be pumped (hier: gut drauf), to snort (sniffen), to do the filing (abheften), wee (little), glee (Freude), to run into sb (jdm über den Weg laufen)

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