3 Email Newsletters to subscribe to in 2023.

I’m sure you’ll agree that subscribing to newsletters can be beneficial! (vorteilhaft) However, as your inbox is flooded with new emails, it becomes overwhelming (überwältigend), and soon you can’t keep up (mithalten können). It becomes a bane! (Fluch)

As a student of English, newsletters are an excellent source of native English – NEW words, NEW grammar (structures), and NEW expressions. All that married with the learning potential/interest in the newsletter topics, what better time to subscribe to newsletters than at the ‘annual kickoff’ and build viewing the emails into your schedule?

Let me now reveal the 3 newsletters, look at “what is in it for you?” and give you the links to subscribe.

Grammarly weekly (Sunday) newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of any of the following newsletters.

I never write a word without Grammarly* running in the background to check my English. What’s even cooler is their newsletter (content). Just recently, “How to make an Elevator Pitch”, “What is a rhetorical question?”  and “How to use accept and except” dropped into my inbox – thanks a lot!

Morning Brew. Sign up with the link below

Is a fantastic newsletter. As they put it “Become smarter in just 5 minutes. Get the daily email that makes reading the news enjoyable. Stay informed and entertained, for free.”

The positives:

  1. It’s short
  2. It’s wonderfully written “makes reading the news enjoyable …… entertained”
  3. It provides insights into the USA which you may otherwise not get.

The negative:

  1. It’s daily – there is a danger that it can become overwhelming! My tip: open daily – scroll down to something that grabs your attention and get reading. Remember the 2-minute rule by David Allen. “If an action will take less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment.”

I hope the positives outweigh (überwiegen) the negatives for you too!

Get Your English Tips (weekly) Sign up here.

This is my weekly tips, with titbits, tips, tricks and links to make your English studies engaging (einnehmend), entertaining and effective.

Hope these 3 will kick start your 2023.

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