300 Teatime Titbit blog posts.

Yippee, I’ve made another round number and loving every minute of it. Believe me, it has taken on a life of its own and has become my baby. I cherish the quiet ‘me-time’ in an otherwise busy and stressful day, when I can sit down, open the laptop, start with a blank page and fill it with a post, which will hopefully be informative, helpful & enjoyable.

What’s more, it’s so satisfying to provide value to others, be it only 1 or 1,000. Thank you to all those of you who I interact with online and I look forward to the next 300, 1000, 3000 posts.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to wade through all the past posts, I’m slowly but surely curating PDF books with themed posts all in one place, packaged with a nice Tina Tidbits cover picture to put a smile on your face. Created for Teatime Titbits, curated for you.

The first one Workplace English Toolkit (WET) is designed to help you at work with business English including ‘how to’ sections, ‘grammar’ sections or the short e-mail dictionary. The next update will be New Year 2020, which you will get for free – buy once – updates forever for free. Tip: get your company to buy it & spread it. To celebrate 300 Teatime Titbit posts – here’s a FLASH SALE – NOW until Midnight Monday 19. August 50% OFF W.E.T. – https://teatimetitbits.de/downloads/your-busines-english-workplace-toolkit/ Discount code: 300POSTS

The latest is the first in the Walking English Dictionary series (WED1), which are designed to grow your vocabulary. WED 1 includes favourites like the ‘Language of Thingybob series’ and Wonderful Wednesday Words series’.

At the beginning of September WED2 in being released – a whole Tuesday Teaser Quiz Book with 50 quizzes to train, tax & tease you.

I go the extra mile too because I also write a weekly MONDAY morning newsletter (in your inbox at 8.30 a.m.) to motivate you for the upcoming week and giving you content to chew on aside from the regular posts. We are lovingly known as Titbitonians, who I see as my tribe, so join us, get the newsletter and stay up-to-date (including special Titbitonian discounts on products and in the future open seminars – Teatime Titbits on Tour.)

Join us before 8am Monday 19th August and take advantage of the special Titbitonian FLASH SALE discount – 70% off WET. Become a Titbitonian, follow to sign up: https://teatimetitbits.de/5-bullet-5-minute-tidbits/

Titbitonians, future Titbitonians and others have a great weekend and start to the week.

to cherish (etw wertschätzen), to wade through (sich durch etw arbeiten), to curate (zusammenstellen), to release (veröffentlichen), to go the extra mile (einen draufsetzen), to chew on (über etw nachsinnen), tribe(Stamm)

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Words written from the heart of a passionate blogger, teacher, and in particular edutainer! Thanks for all your posts and the future ones that will follow.

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