GYG. Day 2. Tuesday Teasers: Know your grammar terms 1 + 2?

In my view, quizzes can be an excellent way to improve your English because you see exactly what you know and don’t. They can train, tax and even tease you, which is why I call them Tuesday Teasers. Good luck with these grammar terms teasers.

 to tax sb (hier: jds Gehirn viel abverlangen), to tease sb (ärgern),

Know your grammar terms 1?

1) adjective                          A) I’m usually at my desk by 9am at the latest.

2) adverb of manner         B) Could you please speak up I can hardly hear you.

3) adverb of frequency          C) Pass me the hole punch, please.

4) article                                 D) You worked very hard on that assignment.

5) comparative                       E) I was up whole night finishing the damn report.

6) modal verb                         F) Thank you for the prompt reply.

7) noun                                   G) You ought to talk to the boss about this.

8) preposition                          H) Funny you ask, no I haven’t seen her recently.

9) time expression                 I) Native speakers are more difficult to understand than

                                                other non-natives.

To speak up (lauter sprechen), hardly (kaum), hole punch (Locher), assignment (Auftrag)

Your answers. (Results below)

1) …..  2) …..  3) …..  4) …..  5) ……  6) ……  7) ……. 8) ……  9) …… 

Know your grammar terms 2? (more advanced)

1) auxiliary verb         A) I love listening to Audible books on the commute to work.

2) conjunction             B) We’re having a winning streak today!

3) gerund                    C) Who’s the new guy? Have you met him yet?

4) idiom                      D) Have you finished the job yet?

5) personal pronoun   E) I followed up  on some leads & got nowhere

6) phrasal verb           F) It’s been the best week we’ve had in terms of sales.

7) present participle    G) Can I just go before you because I’m in a rush?

8) question tag            H) When they found out, he got the sack right away

9) superlative              I) We’ve met somewhere before, haven’t we?

a winning streak (Glückssträhne), to follow up (nachfassen)

Your answers. (Results below)

1) …..  2) …..  3) …..  4) …..  5) ……  6) ……  7) ……. 8) ……  9) …… 


Know your grammar terms 1?

1) F 2) D 3) A 4) E 5) I 6) G 7) C 8) B 9) H

Know your grammar terms 2?

1) D 2) G 3) A 4) H 5) C 6) E 7) B 8) I  9) F

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Something like this would have been a great alternative to (more of less beloved 😉 ) unannounced vocab tests back at school. At least now as an adult I benefit from your quizzes. Trank you!

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