GYG Day 29: Speak like a native: the future cheat sheet.

You write the essentials on the minutest piece of paper, in the minutest of writing, which you then fold so tightly it fits into your ear!

After successfully getting through the airport style security bag and body search unnoticed, you make your way over to the designated table. You sit down, watch the ‘security patrols’ march up and down the aisles and wait for the perfect moment to ‘poke’ your ear to retrieve the tightly folded cheat sheet. If all goes well, operation ‘English Ear’ is a great success and you pass the (English) exam with flying colours. Ahh those were the days, weren’t they? Cheat sheets to the rescue.

I was and still am a big believer in cheat sheets – with all the essentials and without all the fluff. That’s why those of you, who have bought the Workplace English Toolkit (WET),* will know that Chapter 5 is the approx. 30 page Cheat Sheet Section to print out and copy & paste.

The future cheat sheet is, therefore, a summary of the different future forms, we’ve looked at so far. Head over to the free PDF download section of the website and grab your very own future cheat sheet.

By the way, there are a whole bunch of others freebies, feel free to browse through and download to your desire.

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Cheat sheat (Spickzettel /Kurzdarstellung), minutest (kleinste), to fold sth (etw falten), tightly (fest), unnoticed (unbemerkt), designated (ausgewiesen), aisle (Gang), to poke sth (stochern), to retrieve (hier: herausholen), to pass an exam with flying colours (mit Bravour bestehen), to come to the rescue (zu Hilfe kommen), fluff (Fussel), therefore (deshalb), summary (Zusammenfassung), to head over (zu etw gehen), to grab sth, (sich etw schnappen), a whole bunch of (jede Menge), feel free (etw ruhig tun), to browse through (durchsuchen), desire (Wunsch).

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