4 times when ‘must’ is a ‘must’.

Check out today‘s Teatime Titbits: English in numbers. 4 times when ‘must’ is a ‘must’.

In English there are 4 situations in which the model verb ‘must’ is a ‘must’.

1.When talking about ‘obligations’ (Verpflichtungen), both personal and what you think is someone else’s.

“I must send that email out to Dave a.s.a.p.” (personal)

“The project must be completed by Friday.” (others)

2.To talk about what is not allowed, naturally with NOT

“You mustn’t smoke in here. The boss will throw a wobbly (ausrasten).”

3.A ‘reasonable conclusion’ made about something now

“Congrats on the new baby. You must be made up (hier: erfreut).”

4.A ‘reasonable conclusion’ made about something in the past

“You must have been bowled over (hier: Sprachlos) when you heard the news.”

Sorry, I MUST be heading off (sich aufmachen) now. TTFN (Ta ta for now _ Tschüss)

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