5 business phrasal verbs and a free PDF download

If you google phrasal verbs, a zillion and one entries come up and you are very spoilt for choice. Anyone in their right mind doesn’t look past the first page, and neither did I – maybe I haven’t got a slate loose after all.

Scanning the list quickly, www.phrasalverbdemon.com/list.pdf caught my eye – demon, must be a devil of a site, sorry couldn’t resist.

What’s more they even offer a free download (above link), which I did and copied & pasted 5 useful business phrasal verbs for you. Cheating? Yes!!!!! Helpful? Hopefully!!!!

1. to be up to = be sb’s responsibility “It’s up to the boss to decide”.

2. to come up with = to think of “Can anyone come up with any other ideas?”

3. to lay off = to sack “They want to lay off a number of staff.”

4. to sort out = to find a solution “Let’s hope the IT guys will be able to sort it out”

5. to turn down = not accept “They turned down our offer”.

entries (Einträge), to be spoilt for choice(die Qual der Wahl haben), to be in one’s right mind (bei (vollem) Verstand sein) to have a slate loose (einen kleinen Dachschaden haben), demon (Dämon/Teufel), to resist (widerstehen), what’s more (darüber hinaus)

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