5 fun phrases to delight your native friends.

Let’s end the week on a lighter note! Here are some of my fave. (= favourite) phrases, which I regularly use and hear.

  1. the nitty-gritty’Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.
  2. Higgledy-piggeldy’ “The storeroom is all higgledy-piggeldy at the moment, we are seriously going to have to sort it out”.
  3. Tickety-boo’. “How are you doing”? “Tickety-boo, thank you, and you?”
  4. Swings & roundabouts’. “Whichever way we do it, it’s swings and roundabouts.”
  5. Tata!’ “See you later”, ”Aye, tata!”

on a lighter note (um zu etw Erfreulicherem übergehen), the nitty gritty (das Wesentliche), “Let’s get down to the nitty gritty” (Kommen wir zur Sache), higgledy-piggeldy (drunter & drüber), tickety-boo (in bester Ordnung), swings & roundabouts (Es ist gehupft wie gesprungen), tata (Tschüss), Aye (Scotland/Northern England) (Ja)

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