5 techniques to speak any language.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Tuesday Tiny Titbit: 5 techniques to speak any language.

Sid is quite obviously a genius and one who also shared his knowledge in a TED talk. With his infectious personality, you can‘t help but be convinced by his methods.

He doesn’t reinvent the wheel and all his ideas are tried and tested (not only by him) but he – actually does them! Drop by to the free PDF page of the website for a vocab. list @ https://teatimetitbits.de/free-pdfs/ to download, grab a cup of tea (or coffee), watch and enjoy: https://youtu.be/-WLHr1_EVtQ

QOTD. Which idea did you like the most and would you like to incorporate in your language learning?

Infectious (ansteckend), to reinvent the wheel (das Rad neu erfinden), to be tried and true (altbewährt), to grab sth (sich etw schnappen), to incorporate (einbeziehen).


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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Actually, making mistakes and practice foreign alphabets by writing them down again and again are the two tips of Sid I like the most. First of all I think „as long as my English [or any other language] is better than your German, you have no right to complain about it. And in case it is better, enjoy that I try my best to communicate in your language!“. Yes, and the second point explains itself. There’s no way else learning a foreign alphabet as by writing (or sometimes drawing fits here better) it down by yourself – especially if you won’t just only speak the knew language but also like reading/writing it. Imagine Arabic (that’s what I learned of the exotic alphabets) or Mandarin without practice – impossible! And besides, it makes fun if your „artwork“ is rewarded with a „yes, I can read it“ by a native. 🙂

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