5 ways to get a word in edgeways.

Ever been in a meeting and you are itching to say something in response to what somebody else has just said but you’re not exactly sure how to get a word in edgeways ? Never fear, help is here – Teatime Titbiters: Here are my 5 + extras ways to …. get a word in!

“May I interrupt you for a moment”

“Sorry / I don’t want to interrupt but …”

“If I / Could I just come in at this point / here?”

“If no one objects, I’d like to say/point out/draw your attention to …. ”

“Excuse me, I’d just like to add something to the last point/here, if I may?”

So no more excuses, go butt in, get your message across & knock ‘em over with your brilliance.

to be itching to do sth (brennendes Verlangen etw. zu tun), to get a word in edgeways (auch mal zu Wort kommen), to object (to sth) (etw einzuwenden haben), to point sth out (auf etw hinweisen), to draw sb’s attention to sth (die Aufmerksamkeit auf etw lenken), to add (hinzufügen), to butt in (einhaken).

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