5 ways to talk about certainty.

The Premier League season is now over and Manchester City won yet another title, just pipping Liverpool to the post in a very exciting final game of the season.

To become Champions for the second season in succession, Man City had to a least draw away against Brighton (17th in the league). Even I had to admit that Man City is bound to win the league. In the end, they beat Brighton 4-1.

„to be bound to …..“ is another way to „will happen 100%“. Put another way – a certainty! Here are 5 ways to talk about certainty:

“It’s inevitable that Man.(chester) City will now win the title.”

“Without (any shadow of) a doubt, it’ll be Man. City’s title this season.”

“It’s a forgone conclusion that Man. City will be champions.”

“City is bound to win the Premiership”

“It’s dead certain that City will do it/It’s a dead cert!”

certainty (Gewissheit), to pip sb to the post (jdm um Haaresbreit zuvorkommen), in succession (in Folge), to draw (hier: unentschieden spielen), away (auswärts spielen), to admit (etw zugeben), to beat sb (besiegen), to be inevitable (vorprogrammiert sein), without (any shadow of ) a doubt (Es steht außer Zweifel), to be a forgone conclusion (von vornherein feststehen), to be bound to (Ganz bestimmt), to be dead certain (absolut sicher sein)

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