“But I would walk 500 miles,

and I would walk 500 more

just to be the man who walked 1000 miles

to fall down at your door.”

Hum along!!!

Monday Motivation

Do you recognise this chorus? If I add the music at this link, https://youtu.be/tbNlMtqrYS0 does that help? Give up???!!!

Yes, of course, it was the Proclaimers hit “I’m gonna be (500 miles)”. It is a love song in which a man proclaims his love for his girl and what lengths he is prepared to go for her.

Now just exchange the word “miles” for “blog posts”, “walk” for “write” and “to fall down at your door” for “to help you grow your English more” and you understand the mission of Teatime Titbits.

Today my blog post counter hit the 500 mark:

“But I would write 500 posts”

I celebrate and crack straight on with the next 500.

“And I would write 500 more”

“just to be the man who wrote 1000 posts”

“to help you grow your English more.”

Hum along!!!!

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To hum along (mitsummen), to give up (aufgeben), to proclaim sth (verkünden), to crack on (weitermachen), to pop by (vorbeischauen), to subscribe to sth (abonnieren), fortnightly (14 tägig), treasure (Schatz)

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