6 phrases for making appointments.

Making appointments is an important part of business. Here’s a bit of help if you need to do it in English. Please note that 1-4 phrases are more formal than phrases 5 & 6. Question.

“Does next Wednesday* suit you?”

”What date/time suits you best (next week)?”

“Is Tuesday 3p.m. suitable/convenient /fine for you?”

“What date/time is most suitable/convenient for you?”

“Are you available/free on Friday, let’s say** 9 a.m.?”

“What/how about Monday for lunch?”

Saying yes.

“Yes, Wednesday suits me fine? What time shall we say?“

“Monday, between 3 and 5 would suit me best.”

“Yes, Tuesday 3p.m. is suitable/convenient/fine (for me).”

“Either Monday morning or Thursday afternoon would be most suitable/convenient.”

“Yes, Friday 9 a.m. sounds good to me.”

“Yes, I’ve got nothing on then. Monday it is then.

Saying no.

“No, I’m afraid, Wednesday doesn’t really suit me (at all), Why not Thursday?”

“Unfortunately, 3pm isn’t very suitable/convenient. Shall we say 5p.m instead?“

“No, I’ve got a prior engagement then, let’s make it an hour later? Is that o.k.?”

“No, I’m afraid, I can’t make it then, but I could make it at 11 a.m.?”

“Unfortunately, I’m really busy/running a tight schedule/chocka (-a-block) *** on Thursday, Friday would be better?

“No, I can’t, I’ve got something (else) on, I’m meeting **** Frank.”

*Days of the week, months of the year are written with a capital e.g. March. **More colloquial ***slang **** (no it doesn’t mean a bad word!!) we often use the present continuous form to talk about fixed future appointments/arrangements.

to make appointments (Termine ausmachen), to suit sb (passen), to be suitable /convenient (passend sein), to have sth on (plans) (etw vorhaben), prior engagement (ältere Verpflichtung), “I can’t make it” (Ich schaffe es nicht), tight schedule (voller Zeitplan), chocka (-a-block)(rappelvoll), capital (Großbuchstabe)

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