7 phrases for the perfect product pitch.

Do you have to do pitches? Do you have to sell the customer on the benefits of buying your product/service? Here are 7 phrases which you can adapt and add to your sales pitch:

“This is our latest range of ……. (outdoor equipment)”

“It provides you with ………. (ample space to store)”

“It comes in (three sizes / 2 colours etc.)”

“The beauty of it is that (it reduces your electricity consumption by 20%)”

“This is an exciting new (product, which will really appeal to … ”

“It will make a great addition to your (existing product range )”

“The 3 things, which I’m particularly excited about with the (name of product) are, one ……. , two …..” (don’t forget the power of “the rule of three”*)


– happy pitching!

to do pitches (Verkaufspräsentationen machen), benefits (Vorteile), latest range (neustes Sortiment), ample (reichlich), consumption (Verbrauch), to appeal to sb (jdn ansprechen), addition (Ergänzung), existing product range (bestehende Produktpalette), to be excited about sth (von etw. begeistert sein)

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