7 things I had never seen before I came to Germany

Fun on Friday.

I don’t know about you but I think half the pleasure of visiting a new country is experiencing those “Ooh!!”, “What ???” (as in what on earth/the hell /the F**k is that?), moments when you see something for the first time.

One of my first memories when I came to Germany was seeing the Policemen and women carrying guns. At that time, it was unheard of that British Police officers (the Bobby on the beat) carry weapons. Of course, today it is no big deal but somehow it has stuck in my mind ever since.

Here’s a short video with British presenter, who introduces seven things that she had never seen before she came to Germany. Any ideas? https://youtu.be/vRHYEOndjQU

Memory (Erinnerung), to be unheard of (gänzlich unbekannt), Bobby on the beat (Polizist auf streife), it’s no big deal (Das ist keine große Sache),

Words to help you understand.

staple = Grundnahrungsmittel                                            

tilt window = Drehkipp-Fenster                                         

garage = (Auto)Werkstatt                                                               

checkup = ärtzliche Untersuchung

tyres (Br) / tires (US) = Reifen

mess = Verschmutzung

to invent = erfinden

Useful formal stuff.

to be bound to = praktisch vorprogrammiert sein

proponent = Befürworter /Anhänger

health benefits = gesundheitliche Vorteile

Special phrases.

to set eyes on something  = etw zu Gesicht bekommen

to pluck up the courage to do something = sich ein Herz fassen und etw tun

to  wear off (novelty  = Neuheit) = nachlassen

Colloquial vocab.

a tad = etwas

over the top  = übertrieben

to pee = pinkeln

poor aim = hier: schlecht gezielt (beim Pinkeln)

contraption = technische Neuheit

QOTD. When you visited the UK or US, what made you go “Ooh !!!” or “What???” ?

2 Gedanken zu „7 things I had never seen before I came to Germany

  1. Jenny Antworten

    My WTF moment in England during an exchange programme was that crisps were considered as a full meal: crisps in my lunch box, crisps for dinner… I felt like being in the US were for example ketchup is considered as „vegetable“ in school canteens. Crisps are made of potatoes, potatoes are healthy – perfect!

    And what?! Police officers didn‘t carry any weapon back then??? „Excuse me, Mr Terrorist, would you mind waiting a minute or two until my armed colleagues arrive?“ – „Sure, no problem. I‘m even gonna set the timer of my bomb from 1:30 to 4:30 min. Please, don‘t hurry, take your time… I can wait… this is my only appointment today.“ – „Thanks. While we‘re waiting… ehm… may I ask if you watched Liverpool vs Chelsea yesterday?“ 😉

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Jenny, you’re absolutely right about the crisps thing. But back then we (some Brits) knew nothing better. Yep, cheese and onion crisp butty (buttered soft roll) with ketchup, if I had enough cash!! Sounds disgusting maybe, hardly Jamie Oliver cuisine, I know! But just the thought of it, castes my mind back many moons to my high school lunch breaks. Believe me the canteen grub wasn’t any better.

      As for accommodating terrorists – those were the daze!!



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