Monday Means Managing Meanings 1.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Monday Means Managing Meanings 1.

When looking up the word ‘manage‘ just recently, I was astounded (erstaunt) to see all the different uses listed – 7 to be precise. Not wanting to keep this a secret from you, here goes managing meaning 1(sorry, couldn’t resist the pun (Wortspiel))

  1. Cope, survive: “How do you manage in this day and age without a mobile?“
  2. Use efficiently: “Managing time is a key life skill nowadays.“
  3. Run: “I’m not sure if he has ever managed a large project before.“
  4. Spare, afford: “I can just manage 2 quid (Pfund), it‘s all I’ve got on me.“
  5. ‘Were‘ able to: “We managed to get our flight but it was a close call (eine Knappe Sache).“
  6. Have/make time: “Can you manage Monday next week?“
  7. Do without help: “Can you manage those bags on your own?“

Hope you’ll manage managing the rest of Monday!!!

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