Allez, allez, allez,

To celebrate the start of the Premier League in England, I thought a Liverpool (my beloved club) song by Jamie Webster would be a great way to kick off your Friday (pun intended). But not the obvious one, ‘You’ll never walk alone’. A new one, which you will hear Liverpool fans break out into the chorus Allez etc at regular intervals during the game. Watch vid at

So here goes, ‘we’ve conquered’ – present perfect – past event and result NOW we are champions. ‘We are never going to stop’, – ‘going to’ form of future – we plan on continuing to conquer! Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly are two iconic managers from the past. ‘The fields of Anfield Road’ is another Liverpool song, adapted from the original ‘The Fields of Anthenry*’. The Liverpool footy ground is on Anfield road. Then finally the chorus taken from the French ‘Allez’, which means ‘go/come on’ rinse and repeat.

Jamie Webster has made a huge name for himself as the Liverpool singer/ song writer, and the one who wrote this little song. He plays packed out concerts/events and follow Liverpool to all the big games to entertain the Liverpool fans –check out the gig in Madrid before this year’s Champions League final:

Hope you enjoyed this journey into Liverpool Football Club, and allez, allez, allez into a well-deserved weekend.

pun intended (Wortspiel beabsichtigt), chorus (Chor), to conquer (erobern), ground (Stadion), rinse and repeat (etw endlos wiederholen), packed out (gerammelt voll), gig (Konzert).

*orginally a song (by Pete St John in the 70’s) about an Irishman, who was caught stealing cereals (Getreide) to help feed his family in the Irish town of Anthenry during the Irish Famine between 1846 and 1849 and was deported to Australia. Song with lyrics:

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